Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Word Wall Words

Weekly Word Wall

words will be posted on the side of the blog.

Here are some ideas for practising Word Wall Words at home:

1. Cheer, Chant, or Spell the Words Out Loud.
  • Jump on an indoor trampoline, saying each letter of the word, then jump off and say the entire word.  Example: s-a-i-d, jump off=said!
  • “Bounce” the ball on each letter (s-a-i-d), then “shoot” when you say the entire word
  • Spell words out loud with your opera, baby, robot, daddy, dinosaur voice (let your child create a voice!)
2. Card Games: Play Memory Match (Concentration) or Go Fish with the cards.  Using 20 index cards-cut in 1/2 (or reuse scraps of cardstock paper), pick 10 words and write each word 2 times, so you have pairs of each word.  Then play the classic games together.  If you don’t remember how to play these games, you can google how to play them.
3.Integrate into Everyday Life: One of the ways we do this is by spelling these words throughout our day.  The first word ALuv learned to spell, even before his name, was gobecause I would say to him, “Are you ready to g-o?” or “It’s time to g-o to the store.”  I spelled it in every day phrases.   His new thing to ask me is, “Mom, can I go o-u-t?”  It’s funny to hear him spelling words, but it really works!
4.  Go on a Word Hunt.  Can your child find the sight words in the texts you’re reading?  How about on a billboard riding in the car?  Or a sign in the doctor’s office?  Sight words make up about 50% of what we read, so finding them shouldn’t be too hard.
5. Create texts/stories together with the words.

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